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Last weekend was the annual Ghouls Gone Wild Parade in Oklahoma City. If your thinking, "Oklahoma City... really?". Yes. Really. This is the third year and I think this thing is on the brink out getting massive. The gents from the Flaming Lips are behind the scenes so to speak. The event is packed with macabre parade floats, hordes of zombies and the now legendary march of 1000 skeletons.

I hiked over to the midtown traffic circle to join the throngs of people. With a bit of luck I was able to duck past the gate guards and post up with the guys shooting for the news channels. I was able to hang out in the middle of the route most of the night. How often to you get to shoot tons of people marching like something out of a George Romero film? If you live in Oklahoma CIty, it would seem at least once a year.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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