They Lied?

Over the past few weekends I have been doing a bit of archaeology in Osage County, Oklahoma. I have been driving back to Oklahoma City most evenings, and on my return trip I have driving past a group of well, odd or maybe even disturbing signs posted on the side of the highway. The sign pictured in this photograph says, " They lied, a frame up. They killed our cattle- tortured them on purpose to force us to move out.".
There are several more signs and I will post more on my flickr page as I edit them this week. I did a bit or research and found this page which gives some opinion on how these signs came to be. From what I have found, the land owners were involved in some imbroglio with the local sheriff and at some point a woman was murdered. Supposedly, these signs were posted as a protest of sorts. 
I have to add that I felt a little odd stopping on the side of the road to make some photographs, even felt like I should not be there. On the other hand, whoever placed the signs wanted them seem and wanted the message pasted on, so what the hell. Now usually I would try to add some life affirming message to place all of this in context, but I will leave that to you.  

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