The Dog Versus The Gypsy

Hypothetical thought-experiment
Your dog and a gypsy/vagrant/homeless person (whatever term you like) were in a river, quickly being pulled towards the brink of a waterfall with jagged death-inducing rocks below. You stand on the bank of that river with a magical life preserver on a rope. Whomever you choose to throw the device at will me miraculously saved. The other will plummet to their death. WHO DO YOU SAVE? 
Keep these things in mind as you way your decision. The gypsy has no family, no responsibilities , save those to drink and perhaps rummage through the trash in search of "treasures". Also, your dog loves you and would jump in after you, maybe.
If you don't have a dog or are, in point of fact a gypsy/hobo, then replace that with a loved family member. 
So, I ask again ( in all caps to intimate yelling) WHO DO YOU SAVE? 
I asked this question over the weekend to about 10 people. Only some of them were drunk but, with the exception of two people, and one of them later changed their answer , they chose the dog, Surprising? Shocking? Or exactly what you would do? 
Honestly, I answered that I would save my dog. Here's why and I think this is why others would as well. 
You see, I know my dog. I have raised him since he was six-weeks old. He depends on me and I have depended on him. Beyond that, he is a part of my life and my memories. It is not that he is more worthy than another human being, it is that losing him would be like losing part of me or a part of you. 
Now to be fair lets reverse the situation. One person did say they would save the gypsy and the answer was "its just a dog!" True enough. I can understand their logic. Consider that if that dog was now your mother or wife or what-have you, what would you do? Save the loved one right? And probably for the same types of reasons. Human life is sacred, but some life is more sacred than others. We protect what is important to us. It is in our nature to do so. 
For the record, I do not advocate the wanton disregard of life be it human, animal or otherwise. I was actually surprised to hear some many votes for the dog side of the tally. Perhaps, at least here in the US we consider our pets to be like family, almost human in fact. If I were in the situation I would toss the magic preserver to my dog, Culin. Then, he would save the gypsy from the brink at the last second, grabbing his shirt sleeve with his teeth, giving a calming "Woof!" before I would pull them both in. That is just the kind of dog he is. 
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