Grimm's Fairy-tales in a Modern World.

Red Riding Hood
Imagine a beautiful young girl siting at the bar of a run down watering hole. We will call this bar "Grannies". In front of her is a mirror. In the reflection she can see, what our eyes perceive as a handsome young man approaching her. Only something is not quite right. In the reflection from the mirror she can see that he has quite big eyes, big ears and big teeth. The wolf is about to strike. Minus the imagery this scene is played out in bars ever weekend all over the world.
For a long time I have been wanting to do an entire group of photographs dedicated to the true creepiness of those compiled tales by the Brothers Grimm. The image above is a rough storyboard  sketch from my notebook. As I have learned more and more about the capabilities of digital editing, manipulation, lighting and a score of other photo related techniques in the last couple of years, I thought this might be a nice start to a narrative style of photography. You can find more about all these stories at wikipedia.

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