Gap Scrap

So, I bought at new pair of chinos the other day, which in and of itself is nothing of consequence or even remotely interesting. As I slip the pants on in my hotel, and yes I did not wash them first, which is kinda gross but whatever. So, as I put in the pants, I reach in the pockets and find a scrap of paper. Scribbled on it is some sort of Far Eastern language. Is it Thai or Pakistani or Malaysian? I have no idea.
  Maybe it says "inspected by #3" or size 34 or something plain and typical like that. Perhaps it says, "Fuck you! And Fuck your $40 pants!" or "I hate this job!". Maybe it says, "Hey there enjoy your pants!" One can only guess at these sort of things. It is strange though, finding a slip of paper written by someone you have never met, and probably never will meet, in a pair of chinos. Sort of like a message in a bottle I suppose.  

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