The Kiev 88

kiev self
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     The one thing I must constantly remind myself about shooting with film cameras is, that taking the photo is only part of the process. Making the photo, that is to say, actually developing in the dark-room and then once again to create a paper print, can be pain-staking. Last night I spent three hours on what ultimately amounted to two prints. Bad chemicals and dumb mistakes - mostly over-exposed film took their toll on my psyche and motivation.
     But like most things, after a bit of time to contemplate, you realize that the mistakes and the hiccups along the way help things later down the road - like signposts for bumps in the road.
     So basically what you are looking at over here is a test shot, or I guess a speed bump. It is the first shot taken, developed and printed using my new Kiev 88. New to me anyway. It is a medium-format (120) film camera make in the USSR sometime in the 1950-60's. Here is a link to the Camerapedia page for the Kiev 88.

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