The Launch

The Launch
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Today we launched a test balloon to see if this crazy idea I cooked up would actually work. We took a 36" latex balloon filled with helium and tethered a disposable Kodak 27 frame 35mm camera to it. The hope is that a random person will find it, make some photographs and mail the camera back to me.

If this works, well it sorta has already because the balloon flew off, but if it works my hope is to loft 100 balloons with 100 cameras. Once those cameras make they're way back to me I will process them and compile the images into one large photobook. I am hoping that I can sell the book with the full proceeds going to a good charity.

Crossing my fingers, the balloon with be on the ground somewhere in North America by Tuesday.

Wish me luck!

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Steffe said...

That's a fun idea (found your photo via your post in flickr central). I doubt the balloons will make it over the Atlantic but I will wish you luck anyway!