Downtown Longing

Downtown Longing
Originally uploaded by R Doyle Bowman
Now that I live in the gritty middle of downtown, I figure it is time to start making some photographs of the city and the cogs that make it run. I am finding that living in the city can be quite different from the suburbs. The scale of places and even people is so much larger and present many more challenges than i had first thought.

I initally likes the composition of this photograph as I was sorting my way through a bunch that I shot this week. At first I thought it was good, but the photograph didn't really say anything. I noticed all the windows, how so many are dark, just a few are lit up. Then I thought, "what if people were in those windows, starring out at each other over the great expanse and darkness of the city?"

In the end, I think it speaks to the same feelings I had when I first moved downtown, that I was, and we all are, longing for something.

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