Big Okc Panorama

Big Okc Panorama
Originally uploaded by R Doyle Bowman
I had a chance to sneak on to the roof of a parking garage last night. On top of that the weather held off and the wind was less than it's usual annoying drone. I didn't want to try and cram my tripod into my backback, so I shot this, or rather this series of 12 images that I later stiched and merged together, handheld sans tripod.

I am really happy with the way this turned out. Although, I think Okc looks better when viewing the skyline from the west. This shot is facing east by the way.

In order to view the panorama, in its original size, click on the image and follow it to Flickr where you can click "view the original" It is a rather large and detailed image, but the details make it all worth it.

On a seperate note, I have a new site, Archaeographica, dedicated to striclty to posts and updates on a portfolio of images I was working to build. You may find it interesting. You can also sign up for RSS feeds and posts.


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