Doing More With Your Photos: An Overview of Photoshop Express

These days it seems that almost everyone has some form of online presence. Even my dog has a Facebook account! And it also seems like social networking sites are clogged with galleries full of images clogged with really bad pictures. Photo manipulation and management programs like Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture are expensive and often overwhelming for the average person who wants to make basic adjustments to their images. This is where Adobe Express steps into to save the day. A few weeks ago Adobe announced Photoshop Express as an online solution for managing and editing photographs.

Want to crop an image or simply adjust the contrast and balance? No problem. The basic service is free and allows the user to upload images from a computer of import and manage their images from a number of online sources such as Facebook or Flickr as well as a handful of other sources. In addition to basic editing tools Adobe has included some interesting functions such as "pop color" "sketch" and "distort".

The interface looks really slick and the uploading images creating albums and editing is a breeze. Once you are done you can email your images or add them to your online sites with just a few clicks. The best thing is nothing is downloaded to you computer. Everything is stored online, allowing the most basic of lolspeakers the ability to manage their images in a creative and effective manner. I highly recommend PX for anyone looking to do more with their photos.

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