A Change of Names..

Hi everyone. As you might notice, the blog has a new name. I am excited about it, and I have to give the credit to Micah Dabbs for the suggestion. It came to her in a moment of clarity or boredom or maybe just both. At any rate, I am left handed, she is left handed and a large number of the people in the "art" department that I work in during the week are as well. We often talk about how left handed people are "discriminated" against. The desks, notebooks, ATMs, cars etc. that are stacked against us. 
You might say, "Yeah, So what? And what the hell does the left hand slant mean?" If your saying so what, chances are you are right handed and you have no idea how easy you have it. The "left hand slant" refers to a way of writing: with a slant. It also refers, in a metaphorical sense to a way of thinking. I often realize the things I photograph and write about are slightly odd or unusual. I ascribe this to my left-handedness and the way the screws in my brain turn.
So consider it a philosophy, a style, a school of thought or what have you. You can learn more about left handedness here.  If you want to know more about famous lefty's check here. Thats all for now, I hope my righty readers can look past my "affliction" and still continue to read this blog. Remember you can always post comments, link to this blog or even subsribe to this blog with feedburner at the top right of the page.

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